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Welcome to the Wichita Gem & Mineral Society 

of Wichita Kansas

Unofficially:  We are a group of persons, who each loves rocks in their own way, and enjoy hanging out with other like minded rock loving friends.  We are very young, in between, and very mature people, meeting every month, over rocks, and great snacks.  Educated, rock persons, learn from the artist, and visa versa.  We laugh a lot, and always have a welcome seat for visitors.  Our club is where one can come to learn, and discuss many subjects, in the fields of geology.  (Membership only $10. annually). 

Officially:  The Wichita Gem and Mineral Society Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt, educational organization. Our purpose shall be exclusively educational and scientific; (a) to increase and disseminate knowledge of the earth sciences pertaining to minerals, gems, rocks, artifacts, and fossils and similar subjects; (b) to promote and perpetuate knowledge of the lapidary arts; (c) to encourage field trips to study the earth sciences, particularly of geology and mineralization in place and (d) to encourage greater public interest and education in gems, fossils and minerals, cooperating with established institutions in such matters.

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