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WGMS has a library of over 300 books related to the lapidary hobby. If you have a specimen you can't identify, we probably have a book or two that will help. Members may borrow these books for a period of one (1) month.



Steve Hurlock, Librarian, 316-522-8966,

Books Available

A Story of Archaeology of the Americas - Elting, Mary; Folsorn, Franklin

The Fundamentals of Gemstone Carving - Kennedy, Gordon S.
Gemstone Carving - Walter, Martin
Lapidary Carving – Design & Technique - Long, Frank
Handbook of Gemstone Carving - Wertz, Ed & Leola

The Faceting Handbook - Reed, Margaret; Peters, Ed

Fossils of all ages - Fischer, Jean-Claude; Valy, Yvette Gayrand
Amateur Collectors Guide of Florida Fossils - Hazetine, O.D.
An Illustrated Guide to Fossil Collecting - Casanova, Richard
Fossils of the Mid-Continent of North America - Multiple Authors
The Dinosaur Quarry - Good, John M.; White, Theodore E.; Gilbert, F.
Kellys Guide to Fossil Sharks - Kelley, K.V. Jr.
Fossils of Wyoming - Hagar, Michael
Fossils Vertebrates - Thomas, M.C.
Evolution – The Fossils Say No - Gishm, Duane T. (PhD)
Fossil Magazine May 1976 Vol. 1 Issue 1 - Colbert, Edwin
Fossils - Markam, Harvey C.
Fossil Collectors Handbook - McDonald, James
Fossils - Taylor, Paul D.
Ancient Life (Found in Kansas Rocks) - Williams, Roger
Fossils - Matthews, William H. III
Pictorial Guide to Fossils - Case, Gerard R.
Let’s Go Fossil Shark Tooth Hunting - Cartmell, B. Clay
Guide to Rocks & Fossils - Busbey, Arthur III; Coenraads, Robert ; Willis, Paul; Roots, David

Gemstones to North America - Sinkankas, John
Gemstones and Minerals - Sinkankas, John
Van Nostrand’s Standard Catalog of Gems - Sinkamkas, John
Gem & Crystal Treasures - Bancroft, Peter
Diamonds (Myth, Magic & Reality) - Legrand, Jacques
The Gem Kingdom - Desautels, Paul E.
The Story of Jade - Whitlock, Ilerbert P.; Ehrmann, Martin
Color Encyclopedia of Gemstones - Arem, Joel E.
Gemstones - Smith, Dr.
Gemstone & Mineral Data Book - Sinkankas, John
Gem Identification Made Easy - Matlins, Antoinette; Wonanno, A.
Australian Precious Opal - Kalokerinos, Archie
Gemstones of North America – Vol 1 - Sinkankas, John
Practical Gemstone Craft - Hutton, Helen
Precious Stones - Metz, Rudolph
The Book of Opals - Eyeles I
World of Diamonds - Green, Timothy
Handbook of Gem Identification - Liddicoat, Richard, Jr
Amber (The Golden Gem of the Ages) - Rice, Patty
The Handbook of Jade - Hemrich, Gerald I.
Gemstones of the World - Schumann, Walter
Practical Gemology - Webster, Robert
Handbook of Gems and Gemology - Parsons, Charles J.; Soukup, Edward J.
Gems in the Smithsonian Institution - Dragsted, Ove
Precious and Semi-Precious Stones - Weinstein, Michael
Gems and Jewelry in Color - Dragsted, Ove
Gemstones and Minerals - Villard, Paul
Gems and Gem Materials - Kraus, Edward H.; Slawson, Chester B.
Gems & Precious Stones of North America - Kunz, George Frederick
Gems & Jewels - Golden Press
Precious Gem Stones and Other Crystals - Metz, R
Gemstones and Their Origins - Keller, Peter C.
Gems Made by Man - Nassau, Kurt
Physical Geology - Sanders, Longwell
Roadside Kansas – It’s Geology & Landmarks - Bucanan, Rex
Roadside Geology of Colorado - Chronic, Halka
Roadside Geology of Montana - Alt, David; Hyndman, Donald W.
Roadside Geology of South Dakota - Gries, John P.
Canyon County Geology - Barnes, F.A.
Kansas Geology - Bucanan, Rex
Pages of Stone - Chronic, Halka
The Dynamic Earth - Skinner, Brian J.; Porter, Stephen C.
Through the Crust of the Earth - Emerglyn, Lord
The Crust of our Earth - Raymo, Chet
The Story of Geology - Wyckoff, Jero
Historical Geology - Moore, Raymond C.
Geology of the Industrial Rocks and Minerals - Bates, Robert L.
Geology, Our Changing Earth through the Ages - Wyckoff, Jerome
Field Geology - Lahee, Frederic H. (PhD)

The Art of Jewelry - Hughes, Graham
Jewelry Making Manual - Wicks, Sylvia
The Technique of Jewelry - Edwards, Rod H.
Ring & Other Things, Working with Silver - Ginnel, Elsie
The Jewelry Repair Manual - Hardy, R. Mien
Jewelry Making by the Lost Wax Process - Pack, Greta
Jewelry Making for the Beginning Craftsman - Pack, Greta
Jewelry Casting - Bovin, Murray
Moods in Wire - Sinclair, Ellsworth “Ed”
Indian Jewelry Making - Branson, Oscar
Jewelry Making for Schools, Tradesmen, Crafts - Bovin, Murray
The Gem Tumbling & Baroque Jewelry Making - The Victors
The Design and Creation of Jewelry - VonNeumann, Robert
Creative Casting - Choate, Shar
Creative Gold and Silversmithing - Choate, Shar
Modeling in Wax for Jewelry & Sculpture - Kallenberg, Lawrence
Jewelry Making - Bovin, Murray

The Art of the Lapidary - Sperison, Francis J.
Gem Cutting - Willems, J. Daniel
The Art of Gem Cutting - Dake, H.C., Dr.
Gem Cutting - Sinkankas, John
How to Cut Gems - O’Bien, Dan
Cutting and Setting Stones - Scarfe, Herbert
The Complete Book of Rock Tumbling - Hyde, Christopher
Mosaic Techniques - Stribling, Mary Lou
Techniques of Gem Cutting - Scarfe, Herbert
Creative Lapidary - Long, Frank
Gem & Lapidary Materials - Zeitner, June Culp

Rocks and Minerals
Getting Acquainted with Minerals - English & Jensen
Exploring Rocks, Minerals, Fossils of Colorado - Pearl, Richard
Collector Encyclopedia of Gems, Minerals, Crystals, & Ores - Pearl, Richard
Color Treasury of Crystals - De Michele, Vincenzo
The Magic of Amber - Hunger, Rosa
Colorado Amazonite Stone (The Treasure of Crystal Peak) - Odiorne, H.H,.
Encyclopedia of Minerals - Roberts, Willard Lincoln
The Collectors Book of Fluorescent Minerals - Robbins, Manuel H.
Mineral Collectors Handbook - Pearl, Richard M.
The Mineral Kingdom - Desautels, Paul E.
Glossary of Mineral Species - Fieischer, Michael S.
Minerals of Oklahoma - Gilmore, F.
Minerals and Man - Macfall, Russell
Gems & Minerals of America - Ransom, H. Nuwlin; C. Jay Ellis
Colorful Mineral Identifier - Tennissen, Anthony
Minneral Recognition - Vanders, Iris & F
The Magic of Minerals - Wilk, Harry
Mineral Names (What do They Mean) - Mitchell, Richard Scott
Minerals, Natures Fabulous Jewels - Cout & Campbell
Ultraviolet Guide to Minerals - Gleason, Sterling
Rocks & Minerals - DeSautels, Paul
Minerals & Rocks of Wyoming - Root, Forrest
Collecting Rocks, Minerals, Gems & Fossils - Macfall, Russell
The Collectors Encyclopedia of Rocks & Minerals - Deeson, A.
The Young Idea - Farr, Jay
The Audubon Society Field Guide to North America Rocks & Minerals - Chesterman, Charles
Field Guide in Color to Minerals, Rocks and Precious Stoner - Bauer, Dr. Jaroslav
Rocks and Minerals - Pearl, Richard
How to Know the Minerals & Rocks - Pearl, Richard
Field Guide to Rocks & Minerals - Pough, Frederi
Handbook of Crystal and Mineral Collecting - Sanborn, William
The Rock Hound’s Book - Simon, Seymour
World Treasury of Minerals in Color - Bariand, Pierre
My Hobby in Collecting Rocks and Minerals - Jensen, David E.
Mineralogy for Amateurs - Sinkankas, John
The Complete Guide to Rocks & Minerals - Farndon, John
The Worlds Finest Minerals and Crystals - Bancroft, Peter
Rocks and Minerals - Hyler, Nelson W.
The True Book of Rocks and Minerals - Podendorf, Illa
Fairburn Agate (Gem of South Dakota) - Clark, Roger
Treasures From the Earth - Shaub, Benjamin M.
Agates - Zenz, Johann
The Jade Kingdom - Desautels, Paul E.
The Complete Guide to Rocks, Gems & Minerals - Tanner, Hans
Kansas Rocks and Minerals - Tolsted, Laura Lu; Swineford, Ada
1001 Questions Answered About the Mineral Kingdom - Pearl, Richard M.
Simplified Mineral Identification - Fahy, Neil E.

Invertebrate Paleontology - Twerhoffel, William H.; Shrock, Robert B.
Prehistoric Animals - Owen, Ellis
Dinosaurs - Brochu, Christopher A.; Long, John; McHenery, Colin; Scanlon, John ; Willis, Paul
Dinosaurs - Halstead, L.B.; Halstead, Jenny
Handbook of Pateontological Techniques - Kummel, Bernhard; Raup, David
Prospecting for Gemstones & Minerals - Sinkankas, John
Handbook for Propectors - Pearl, Richard M.
Handbook for Prospectors - VonBernewitz, M.W.

Field Guide to “Sea Shells of the World” - Allindner, Gert
The Seas and Their Shells - Angeletti, Sergio
Ghost Towns of the West - Florin, Lambert
Art of Flint Knapping - Waldorf, D.
How Indian Tools Were Knapped Out of Flint - Earnest, Richard E.
Our National Parks - Readers Digest
Jade - Palmer, J.
Oceans of Kansas - Everhard, Michael J.
The Wonders of Nature - Seymour, Jacquelin
Natural Kansas - Collins, Joseph T.
Metorite Craters - Mark, Kathleen
The Story of Fluorescence - Wain, Harry C.
The Mines of Colorado - Hollister, Ovando J.
The Formation of Thunder Eggs - Colburn, Robert
The Agates of North America - Lapidary Journal
Gem Hunters Guide - MacFall, Russell P.
The Soughwestern Quadrant - Eckert, Allan W.
The Northwestern Quadrant - Eckert, Allan W.
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